• many thanks to all of the amazing dancers pictured, as well as to the many folks behind the scenes who made these particular photographs possible.
  • special gratitude to:
  • kendra kimbrough barnes and laura elaine ellis of black choreographers festival here and now, alonzo king of alonzo king lines ballet, christal brown, penny cambell, and andrea olsen of middlebury college, colette eloi of el-wah movement, reginald ray savage of savage jazz dance company, robert henry johnson of rhjdc, corey action and teela shine ross of newstyle motherlode, lauri stallings of glo atl, portsha jefferson of rara tou limen, robert moses of robert moses' kin, joanna haigood of zaccho dance theater, luis valverde of perudance, and keith terry of crosspulse. also, a very special thanks to maija garcia, adia tamar whitaker, camile a brown, gregory dawson, ramon ramos alayo, sheila coleman, latanya tigner, michael velez, byb chanel bibene, paco gomes, sylvia townsend, the malonga family, tracy anne joseph and cat willis.
  • these beautiful dancers are:
  • kyle abraham, ellen smith ahern, khalil anthony, byb chanel bibene, christal brown, juanita brown, karen brown, cubie burke, virginia coleman, maimouna coulibaly, olivia eng, laura elaine ellis, alicia evancho, yuri besselle hinson, antoine hunter, portsha jefferson, nicole johnson, robert henry johnson, imani joseph, maurya kerr, yujin kim, andrea lee, jessica lee, sophia lelby, novuyo masakhane, caitlin mccoyd, adriel morah, robert moses, jetta martin, catherine miller, jerrod mayo, kysha mitchell, james moore, mayte natalio, anna noble, andrea olsen, tanya achieng oseso, laurie parella, stephanie powell, caroline rocher, valrie nozipho sanders, amara tabor-smith , alicia walters, and melissa c wiley.